Acoustical Consulting


Our acoustical design services encompass both residential and corporate projects. We can work from the ground up on new designs for studios, media rooms, conference spaces, home theater, restaurants, offices, and what-not. It's also cool to work on existing structures --- we have the tools to make your space sound good.

Noise Abatement


Is noise driving you (or your neighbors) crazy? We can study, suggest, and even design and install noise-abatement solutions to ensure that your quality of life - and those of your neighbors- isn't impacted by excess noise. 

Forensic Audio


Forensic audio is a growing field that requires solid skills. We have a custom, proprietary toolbox that allows us to clean up noisy audio, extract background speech, and prepare audio recordings for transcription. We can often do this in a batch process, saving time and money.

Expert Witness


Our experts are indeed experts, and they are passionate about sound and audio technology. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Software Development


We are happy to write code and build things. From small-scale, short-turnaround DSP algorithms to PCB prototypes with 3D-printed or CNC enclosures, hit us up. It's all good!

Acoustical Testing


New ideas benefit from testing, measurement, and validation. The design and construction of listening tests to evaluate subjective audio quality and preference can be tricky. We are happy to help and to provide results.  

Other Services


We also offer a variety of other services tailored to meet individual client needs. Please contact us with your projects, and let's get rolling.