Leider Acoustics is a boutique audio consulting firm that specializes in tackling the most complex audio-related projects, including acoustical consulting and design, forensic audio, noise abatement, acoustic testing and measurement, expert witness services, patent claim construction and evaluation, agile-informed software development, and sound quality assessment.


Passionately devoted to experimental media art, Everglade Records is an independent record label devoted to experimental media art. Our records are available online through our store, as well as through our online partners and select brick-and-mortar retailers.

Everglade records was founded in 2005 to document and distribute experimental sound and media art. We are particularly interested in developing a media catalog that emphasizes novel works that embrace technology, live performance, previously unrecorded art, acoustic documentary, and/or sounds of the environment. Everglade Records is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company registered with the State of Florida.